Baking News! The mince pies are back!

What is the Mince Pie Marathon? It’s a charity initiative created by Brightbulb Design raise money on behalf of The Wight Brainy Bunch charity. Last year we raised over £6,415 for the charity by selling more than 6,415 mince pies! This year we want to break that record.

Brightbulb Design
Wight Brainy Bunch
PC Consultants

Will you help us to do it?

Mince Pies Sold 6786
Total Raised So Far £6786
Total No. Stops 86

How does it work?

Mince pie graphic1

Order a box of mince pies for you, your family or staff. Each box will cost £6 and all of the money will go to the charity.

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You will be added to our board and we will locate you on our marathon map. Thanks for your donation.

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Be quick, the cutoff is the 3rd December. On the 8th December we will race against the clock to deliver all the mince pies.

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Have your phones to the ready to grab a quick social media snap. #MincePieMarathon #WightBrainyBunch

Added bonus!

Every order will now come with a free 200g bag of Christmas Coffee courtesy of the team at the Island tea and Coffee company. In addition the top 3 will be provided with enough Christmas Coffee for the entire business. :)

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We are now delivering to mainland

(Southampton, Portsmouth and Chichester)

Order Form

Orders are open to businesses and the general public! To place an order simply input the number of boxes of mince pies you would like (the more the merrier!), enter your delivery details and pay for your order. If you would just like to make a donation and don't wish to receive any mince pies you can simply tick the box at the bottom of the form.

Thanks to our sponsor, PC Consultants 100% of your donation will go to The Wight Brainy Bunch charity.

6 Mince Pies
TOTAL £1.00
If you would like to only donate and don't wish to receive any mince pies please tick this box. (Please still enter a quantity in the box above as your donation)

Brightbulb Design cannot guarantee that the mince pies are free from allergens or nuts. If you require gluten free mince pies it must be mentioned at the point of purchase. If you have any concerns with regards to the ingredients of the mince pies then please contact

Your company name/first and last name will be displayed in our Mince Pie Leaderboard as well as your delivery location pin(s) on our marathon map.

Guaranteed safe and secure checkout.
If you would prefer to pay by a different method for example BACs please contact

Mince Pie Leaderboard

Who will top out Mince Pie Marathon leaderboard. Last year the outstanding Cowes Site Employees Charity (BAE) topped the charts with 684 pies ordered? Keep the orders coming, the more mince pies ordered the more money raised for the Wight Brainy Bunch and the prouder you can be that you helped this great charity.

1 WRS Systems 2400
2 Diametric Technical Ltd 504
3 Go Internet 360
4 Vectis Ventures 324
5 Novum Law 300
6 Datum Electronics Ltd 300
7 Ryde House Group 240
8 Friends of the Animals 204
9 RPL Construction Ltd 168
10 The Tomato Stall 150
11 Larks Mead Consulting Limited 120
12 Cowes Site Employees Charity (BAE) 114
13 UK Sailing Academy 108
14 Hector Kier 102
15 Cosán Cróga Ltd 102
16 Hose Rhodes Dickson 84
17 Bright Brown 72
18 Robert Bright 66
19 Hillbans 60
20 Alison Absalom 60
21 Real Employment Law Advice Limited 60
22 Roach Pittis Solicitors Ltd 48
23 IW Design and Print 42
24 David & Carol Pointer 36
25 BCM (IOW) LLP 36
26 Mark Board 36
27 MedTec Design Services 36
28 Sue & Carole (formerly Jigsaw Training and Development Services) 30
29 Lifeline Fire & Security 30
30 christine ade 30
31 Education Destination 30
32 St. Blasius Primary Academy 30
33 Karen White 24
34 Janet Key 24
35 Briddlesford Lodge farm 24
36 Sandown Sweets 24
37 Innovative Physics 24
38 Mitchell Evans Architects 24
39 Betapak - This Island Tea & Coffee Co. 24
40 Maggie Currie Coaching 24
41 Janette Nye 18
42 Helen Cramp 18
43 Egypt Development 18
44 Nviro Ltd 18
45 St George’s Nursery & Preschool 12
46 Jennifer penalva 12
47 Liam Daniels 12
48 InfoDesk 12
50 Tony Haydon 12
51 Susan B Photography 12
52 Anne Williams 12
53 Grapefruit Graphics 12
54 Purple Patch PMO 12
55 Mattinson Associates ltd 12
56 Georgina Bottriell Photography 12
57 Dave Wickham 12
58 Honeybourne Jewellery 12
59 Sally Bason 12
60 Andrew Rowe 6
61 Shane Smith 6
62 Amy Power 6
63 Claire Puxty 6
64 Zachary Hayles 6
65 Sue Clark 6
66 Greenmount Preschool 6
67 Director 6
68 Anthony Hall 6
69 Pat Burt 6

Our Main Sponsor

A massive thanks to our main event sponsor, PC Consultants, who are joining forces with Brightbulb this year. Together we are making it our mission to deliver joy through the power of mince pies across the Isle of Wight. PC Consultants are the Island’s premier provider of IT service and support and are damn good at delivering mince pies too.

PC Consultants

Our Marathon Map

Here is our Mince Pie Marathon map. You can see the number of drops we have to complete throughout the marathon. Once you've ordered you'll automatically be marked on our map. On the day you will be able to track our vehicles dropping off the mince pies.

How we are working to Covid guidelines

The mince pies are from 'off the shelf' sources such as supermarkets, where you get your everyday food.

We will be delivering pies in bubbles of 2 and practicing social distancing when we deliver your pies.

We will be wearing face masks when we deliver. We would still love to get a photo to post on our social feeds and can take this outside if preferred.

Boxes of pies will be bagged up 48 hours prior to delivery.

Other Key Supporters

Huge thanks to these businesses who are also helping the biggest pie giving day of all time come to life.

The Tomato Stall
Island Tea and Coffee